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  Multi Account Manager (MAM)

  Bonus and Credit Automation

  Virtual Dealer

  Multi-Level IB’s

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What is MAM (Multi Account Manager?)

Multi Account Manager Plugin that aids in handling more than one account for fund managers to manage multiple investors accounts easily. The idea behind MAM is to have master accounts for various slave accounts.

Features & Benefits:-

  Ability to manage and trade across an unlimited number of trading accounts simultaneously.

  No restriction on the number of Master and Slave Accounts.

  Ability to assign Agent accounts and performance fees.

  Trade Copy and Signals – trades placed by signal providers can be copied by traders using the auto-copy function.

  Advanced performance statistics and trade analysis.

  (Additional and more emphasized Description for MAM)

  Advanced Post Trade Allocation Tool for MetaTrader 5 Brokers and Multi Account Managers

  Assign Multiple Accounts under single Master Account

  Attract more clients and offer more offers and flexibility to IB’s

  Supports Universal language English

  Runs on Existing MetaTrader 5 server, no extra Hardware Required.

Bonus And Credit Automation

Bonus Automation module allows brokers to run and manage an unlimited number of bonus campaigns and promotions by setting up different bonus schemes. The Bonus Automation module gives an automatic bonus on first deposit as well as recurrent deposits, and automatically revokes it once the percentage of total bonus exceeds a pre-defined threshold.

Features & Benefits:-

  Multiple Promotions Configuration

  Parallel Promotions Options

  Instant Bonus Deposit based on 1st & Recurring Deposits

  Bonus abuse protection.

  Avoid using up the credit in case the equity drops below the actual balance.

  Ability to set a predefined percentage of the total credit bonus; when exceeded, the bonus will also be withdrawn automatically.

  Fully compatible with MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, equipped with multiple promotion configurations including.





Virtual Dealer

Automate the execution of orders from traders by using the highly intelligent automated virtual dealer plugin. It emulates the order placed as manual projections and automates the functionalities like delay execution, set the limit and Stop level, processing pending order activations, managing request traffic and prioritizing those requests etc.

The main reason behind adding this functionality of Virtual Dealer plugin to Zyod is to give the brokers a handy tool to overcome the trading loopholes and operate in a highly systematic and robust environment.


  Automated Dealer is a software system used for managing B-book risk arising from executing clients trades against real-time price feed on MetaTrader 4/MetaTrader 5.

  The virtual dealer Plug-In allows for complete or partial emulation of the dealer’s action for symbol groups with manual execution.

Multi-Level IB’s

Increase the growth and potential of your brokerage by using multi-tier functionality to expand your IB business (IBs within IBs). Hiring IBs is the fastest and most reliable way to grow your business and network. By offering multi-tier IB structure your brokerage will stand out and your IBs will be more motivated.


  This extended agent commission plug-in allows you to fine –tune your introducing broker’s and affiliate agents compensation in a far more flexible hierarchical way unlike the standard MetaTrader 4 commission.

  Groups or Individual accounts

  Number Agents assigned per group or Accounts

  Agent Commission back to each Agent.

  Customizable as per your requirements

  Groups/Symbols & Database that holds agent’s information per account.