Ultra-Fast Exod

Ultra-Fast Exod

FIX API Bridge technology – Let your forex brokerage bloom with versatility!

The Exod Bridge is a boon to brokers who want to access the global liquidity data with speed and efficiency form their MetaTrader 5 Software Exod is connected to 80+ Liquidity providers. It is highly adaptable to any Liquidity Provider FIX API protocol, making Exod the most preferred bridge solutions in the forex industry. EXOD facilitates MetaTrader 5 forex brokers to cross-connect with liquidity providers and banks thereby speeding up the execution time and obtain real-time price feed.Exod, developed as a Broker Friendly bridge reduces the risk of a Forex business by connecting to various LP and executes client trades with low latency. It is the Best FIX API bridge for MetaTrader 5 in the industry that is affordable and user-friendly. Thinking of Starting an MetaTrader 5 Forex Broker business? Consider Exod as your Risk minimize. Exod can be connected to any of your required LP and Bank by adding custom modulesanytime.


  Multi-Asset Trading enabled

  Price Feed management with Markups, Slippage, etc.

  Low Latency Trading and high Speed price streaming.

  GUI user Interface to manage the Symbols and Bridge Settings

  Web Configuration enabled to manage you bridge settings remotely.